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With over 30 years of experience in the avionics industry we strive to provide the best quality parts and personal service that the customer expects. Our goal is to provide economical parts and repair for components in the general and corporate aviation market.

Temple Electronics provides parts and repair services to a broad range of General and Corporate aviation avionics components including:


✭ Nav/Comms

✭ Comms

✭ Navs


✭ Radar

✭ Radar Altimeter


✭ Emergency Power Supplies

✭ Audio Panels

✭ Control Heads


✭ Transpoder

✭ RVSM (14CFR 91.411, 91.413)

✭ SatCom

✭ WiFi

✭ Cabin Entertainment

✭ Iridium

In house custom PLACARDS and Panels with Laser Engraver.


Weather Radar Transponder
Bendix/King Garmin Honeywell Sperry Rockwell Collins Bendix/King ARC Garmin Collins STEC Trig
DME Autopilot
Bendix/King Collins Honeywell Bendix/King Collins STEC Century GARMIN
Navigation Communication
Bendix/King Collins Garmin Honeywell STEC Bendix/King Collins Garmin Honeywell Trig STEC
ADF Flight Line Maintenance
Bendix/King Collins STEC ADS-B Garmin FreeFlight Aspen Avidyne Trig GPS Garmin Avidyne FreeFlight Universal Bendix/King Bendix/King Collins Honeywell STEC Century Garmin Avidyne Aspen Universal EFIS Garmin Collins Honeywell Universal Avidyne Sandel, Chelton, L3, Mid-Continent


On-site testing, computer generated diagrams and the ability to complete major installations quickly has made Temple Electronics a leader in avionics service and support.

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