FAA Issues Advisory Circular Outlining New EFVS Ops

After changing the rules to allow the use of enhanced flight vision systems (EFVS) instead of natural vision to descend below 100 feet above touchdown zone elevation (TDZE) then land and roll out, the FAA has now published Advisory Circular (AC) 90-106A to explain how operators can use the new regulations. EFVS was first allowed

Lynx NGT-9000

Using an intuitive layout and touchscreen interface, the Lynx NGT-9000 is a single box solution that balances today’s needs with tomorrow’s flight environment. You get ADS-B traffic, a Mode S Extended Squitter transponder with a compliant GPS/WAAS position source, NEXRAD graphical and textual weather as well as moving maps. Up to the minute NOTAMs, TFRs


Overview: When coupled with a popular Mode C or S transponder (GTX 327 or GTX 330), the NGT-2500 model is the most straightforward and inexpensive options for ADS-B equipage and cockpit integration. An optional control panel (CP-2500) available for discrete control of ADS-B system with other transponders.  Features: ADS-B Out: 978 MHz UAT ADS-B In: